4 Types of Snow Removal Tools You Should Know

Winter is the perfect season. Yes, sometimes it happens that because of spontaneously fallen snow, a person risks losing access somewhere. For example, the person will not be able to get inside his cottage or garage. Still snow can completely bury the car. In some cases, late snow cleaning will bring a lot of headaches.

Any of these problems can be solved with help of the tools those are listed below:

  1. Snow Pusher Scraper. A simple but incredibly effective tool for sidewalk snow removal, especially for big areas of snow. Better than it, only a bucket machine will cope with this task. A snow pusher scraper is, in fact, a big scoop with a long handle. Well, if it is also on wheels. Due to these wheels, the snow is much easier to budge. It is better for your back.
  2. Electrical snowplow. Few things on the planet will cope with snow removal better than a snowplow! This electric device will help to conduct an effective sidewalk snow removal anywhere: on the street, near the house or a garage, and on the territory of the summer cottage.
  3. Hand shovel. The shovel is a simple and reliable tool for sidewalk snow removal. To clean something, you will have to work hard, but a shovel will help in almost any situation: cleaning the road or digging up the car. It is also worth mentioning a shovel with a rotating handle and a shovel with an additional handle. Both considerably will facilitate process of work with snow cleaning, especially, if this cleaning can take more than an hour. Such a tool should definitely be in the host’s local kit.
  4. Hand scraper. It is necessary to clean snow from not only the roofs and surroundings, but also the surface of the car. The hand scraper will help in this undertaking, which can safely tear off even the ice that appeared on the car body because of the thaws with the snow that fell during the winter. Scraper is required for each driver.


In addition to sidewalk snow removal, in winter you can meet with ice. Cutting ice on the ground with a hand shovel is not the best idea. For such tasks, you should have at your disposal such an ice lance, a special steel tool designed specifically for cleaning ice. A few strong shots and ice chips can already be removed with a shovel.