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Tips For The Short Tow To The Service Station:

Fasten a cable or sturdy tow chain to the vehicle being towed and to the trailer hitch of the towing vehicle. Make sure you hook the tow cable to the undercarriage of the tow vehicle and not just to the bumper.

Do not have a passenger in the tow vehicle. This is illegal and can be a safety hazard Place a sign on the vehicle being towed to let the drivers behind you know that the "Vehicle Is In Tow" so they can give you plenty of room.

Drive no faster than 45 miles per hour. High speeds can cause serious stress problems on the cables and increase the risk of an accident. Learning how to safely tow your own vehicle can save you time and money if you do it right.

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4 Types of Snow Removal Tools You Should Know

Winter is the perfect season. Yes, sometimes it happens that because of spontaneously fallen snow, a person risks losing access somewhere. For example, the person will not be able to get inside his cottage or garage. Still snow can completely bury the car. In some cases, late snow cleaning will bring a lot of headaches.

Any of these problems can be solved with help of the tools those are listed below:

  1. Snow Pusher Scraper. A simple but incredibly effective tool for sidewalk snow removal, especially for big areas of snow. Better than it, only a bucket machine will cope with this task. A snow pusher scraper is, in fact, a big scoop with a long handle. Well, if it is also on wheels. Due to these wheels, the snow is much easier to budge. It is better for your back.
  2. Electrical snowplow. Few things on the planet will cope with snow removal better than a snowplow! This electric device will help to conduct an effective sidewalk snow removal anywhere: on the street, near the house or a garage, and on the territory of the summer cottage.
  3. Hand shovel. The shovel is a simple and reliable tool for sidewalk snow removal. To clean something, you will have to work hard, but a shovel will help in almost any situation: cleaning the road or digging up the car. It is also worth mentioning a shovel with a rotating handle and a shovel with an additional handle. Both considerably will facilitate process of work with snow cleaning, especially, if this cleaning can take more than an hour. Such a tool should definitely be in the host’s local kit.
  4. Hand scraper. It is necessary to clean snow from not only the roofs and surroundings, but also the surface of the car. The hand scraper will help in this undertaking, which can safely tear off even the ice that appeared on the car body because of the thaws with the snow that fell during the winter. Scraper is required for each driver.


In addition to sidewalk snow removal, in winter you can meet with ice. Cutting ice on the ground with a hand shovel is not the best idea. For such tasks, you should have at your disposal such an ice lance, a special steel tool designed specifically for cleaning ice. A few strong shots and ice chips can already be removed with a shovel.

Snow Removal Services Make Your Winter Safe And Sound

We all know that the winter weather can often be a pain to go through and deal with but it can also be dangerous. Especially in places where the winters are harsh. That’s why you should always consider snow removing services. These services help you to deal with the annoying snow in your garden or the snow in front of your doorstep. Nowadays it’s so easy to deal with any similar issues you might be having but how are you gonna do that?

Let’s say you live in Spokane where the winters generally are not the nicest. There are a few things you can do to remove your snow. One of them is to remove the snow yourself but as we said earlier it can be dangerous especially if there is ice underneath the snow.

Another solution is to ask your neighbours which snow removing service they use. To be honest, it’s not a bad decision at all but there is a better and more efficient way to remove the snow around your house. And that way is to do a quick Google search on snow plowing Spokane in your area. The great thing about this method is that it doesn’t matter where you live. There should always be a business nearby offering their services.

This is pretty much essential for making your winter safe and sound for you and your family. I mean, would you like to be spending your time outside being cold with a shovel in your hand picking up snow? Of course not! You wanna be spending time with your family and friends during the holidays. Also, there are people who would be more than happy to remove the snow around the hose for you. Find a snow removing service nearby and enjoy the holidays during the winter!

Towing Services Keeps Your Vehicle Safe And Secure

Unfortunately, a vehicle emergency could happen at any time. If you’ve ever been in an accident or had your car break down, you know how important it is to have quality tow services. In fact, many people are looking for a tow company with great rates based on mileage. The bottom line: It’s important to find quality towing services at a price that you can afford when you need your car hauled. Learn how a towing services Yonkers professional can sufficiently get your car from point A to point B.

Why Customers Choose A Towing Services Yonkers Expert?

Proper Equipment

Owning a car will almost always mean that you will need tow services throughout the life of your vehicle. In fact, it’s important to hire a tow truck company with the right tow truck to transport your vehicle. Here’s a list of the types of trucks you’ll find with a Yonkers towing professional:

  • Flatbed tow truck
  • Hook and chain tow
  • Integrated tow truck
  • Wheel-lift tow truck

Whatever type of truck best suits the needs of your vehicle, you can rest assured our experts have the top tow trucks in the industry.


It’s imperative that a tow truck company have years of experience in their field. Most importantly, have experience with all vehicle make and models in a diversity of scenarios. You want a tow truck company that can tow your vehicle if it’s been disabled or in an accident. Plus, a tow truck driver with a professional appearance and a courteous attitude can go a long way when you’re having your vehicle towed in an emergency situation.

Licensed, Insured, And Bonded

When you trust your vehicle to a tow truck company, it’s important to find someone that’s licensed and bonded. If something goes wrong or your car is slightly damaged during transport, a licensed and bonded tow truck company can cover your damages. Once you file a claim and it’s processed, the tow truck company can cover your costs. When their tow truck company is registered with the city, you can avoid an unscrupulous tow truck company illegally towing your vehicle.


Getting your vehicle to your destination safely is very important. When you employ the services of a reputable tow truck company that has a strong knowledge of towing and they’re licensed, you can assure that your car will be transported safely to your desired location. A tow services Yonkers professional provides their clients with a secure towing method that won’t scratch or dent their vehicle during the lifting or towing process. Reporting your car vehicle to the right city department is also important when your vehicle is being towed from a no-parking zone or stranded on the highway.

A towing services Yonkers expert has experience with cars, trucks, buses, vans, motorcycles, and more. Our professionals ensure that your vehicle gets towed safely and secure to its destination every time. You’re invited to give our experts a call for more details or a free quote on tow services for your vehicle today.

Current Trends In Ocean Transport

Ocean Transport

The value of international trade has risen to nearly 21% according to the World Trade Centre in 2004, which is the highest growth rate in the past 25 years. This can be attributed to having an efficient ocean transportation system. Some of the current trends taking place in ocean transportation include:

Supply Chains


In a bid to automate the container haulage from creation to proof delivery, IAS added three new modules to its dispatching Manager Product. This addition is used to enable cargo owners, and ocean carriers to connect effectively. Also, the gradual reduction in trade cost and the time needed to clear goods are estimated to be an average of 17 days. The Panama Maritime Chambers membership has allowed ship owners access the canal and also the world. This move has provided ship owners with information, education and networking on a global level.

Improvement in Technology

The introduction of advanced data capturing system, increased use of e-commerce and the launch of advanced supply chain management has to lead ocean transportation reachan all-time high.


Recently, Japan and Mexico have joined hands with the Transpacific Partnership to promote investment and trade. Also, the Philippines and the USA have signed a Trade Facilitation and Customs Administration Agreement to witness improvement in global trade.

Improvement in Transportation

Improvement Logistics

Research on alternative fuels for commercial ships has made progress. There are also some concerns about overweight containers, but a major insurance company, TT Club, has been advocating for weighing the weighed containers.


The enhancement of monitoring operations and issuance of stringent penalties to protect the credibility of the industry has been made, also issuing a licence to new operators has made ocean transportation reliable.

The size and structure of containerships

Container ships are being modified to get structured in a way that aligns with the existing ship’s lanes, and also the container carriers are very large, but due to recent changes it is possible to keep them in a compact form. This allows the containers to fit perfectly in the recently introduced Panama Canal Lock which enhances the manoeuvrability of the ship on bendy rivers.

Gateways, Inland Ports, Corridors


For the aim of establishing connectivity to inland terminal facilities, corridors are being developed. The inland ports can be helpful in loadcentres, satellite terminals, and transmodal facilities. Establishments such as terminal operators, port authorities, commercial real estate developers and local governments are looking after the development of these facilities.

Predicted developments in sea transportation

Some changes are expected to take place moving forward in the industry such as:

  • Shipping transportation is being less profitable, the shipping companies will experience difficulty in securing capital for investments.
  • According to the predictions of Global Port Tracker, the USA will be losing 2% of its import value.

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